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Anglers Journal, Spring 2023.

An Epicurean’s Approach; A WILLING CANOE ANGLER IMPARTS A NEW APPRECIATION FOR A WIDER RANGE OF FISH IN THE FLORIDA KEYS, is the name of my article in the First Light section of Anglers Journal. I stumbled upon a retired classics scholar, by the name of John Tulp, in the back country of the Florida Keys who gave me both an education and a novel approach to flats fishing in and around the middle Keys. I would describe John as a world-class angler. He made an ancient Greek philosophy both current and utilitarian while he poled a 16' canoe out on the shallow flats. I landed a hefty lemon shark on a fly and missed a huge one. Our encounter out on a remote flat on Middle Torch Key may have been the highlight of a two month stay. You can view the article at: https://www.anglersjournal.com/saltwater/an-epicureans-approach-to-angling