• Native American Woman

    Sarah Ortegon

    Cover image for Jim Fergus novel, Les Amazones

  • Russell Chatham, russell chatham portrait, b&w portrait, studio portrait, painter,

    Russell Chatham; Painter and Writer

    film portrait captured in Point Reyes Station, CA

  • woman guide, woman fishing guide, flats guide,  Linda Drake, Key West, portrait

    Fishing guide, Linda Orb Drake

    On assignment in Key West, FL

  • Jim Harrison, Key West, portrait, b&w, vertical, Stephen Collector,

    Jim Harrison, author, poet, gourmand

    On location in Key West, FL 1988

  • Annie Proulx, author, Brokeback Mountain, writer, Wyoming, The Shipping News,

    Pulitzer Prize winning author, Annie Proulx

    Photographed at her "Bird Cloud" ranch near Saratoga, WY

  • Stephen Bodio, Writer, New Mexico Writer

    Stephen Bodio, Magdalena, NM

    Writer, falconer, naturalist. Tri-X film

  • Anoush Anou

    Anoush Anou

    Studio portrait

  • Sportsman writer, guy de la valdene, de la valdene, Guy de la Valdene

    Guy de la Valdene

    noted writer and sportsman in Wyoming

  • Margaret Behan, Red Spider Woman, native american woman, Cheyenne elder, Northern Cheyenne, Arapahoe woman, Southern Cheyenne woman,

    Margaret Behan, N. Cheyenne Medicine Woman

    on assignement for America Magazine

  • Hope Brummitt, sailor, female sailor, advenurer, Marathon, Keys

    Hope Brummitt, sailor and adventurer

    Aboard her 38' ketch in Marathon, FL

  • Stu Apte, fisherman, IGFA, portrait, b&w, Stuart Apte, angler, fisherman

    Stu Apte, IGFA Hall of Famer

    Photographed in Tavernier, FL

  • Marcia Douglas, Novelist, Poet, Professor, Creative Writing, U. of Colorado, portrait, Jamacian

    Marcia Douglas


  • Blackfoot woman

    Mary Beth Wilson

    Blackfoot, shot on film

  • Thomas McGuane, Tom McGuane,studio portrait,Montana writer, novelist,

    Author, Thomas McGuane

    Photo for book jacket of his novel, DRIVING ON THE RIM

  • Paul Sibley, Marshall, Colorado, portrait

    Paul Sibley

    Marshall, CO Rolleiflex 3.5F, Tri-X film

  • Jim Fergus, James Fergus, Rand, Colorado, portrait, author, 1000 white women, writer

    Author, Jim Fergus

    Photographed in Rand, CO

  • Allan Ginsberg, Poet, Beat Poet, portrait, b&w, square,

    Allen Ginsberg, Poet

    Portait taken on assignment for the Chicago Tribune

  • Dan Lahren, Brittanys, bird dogs, fishing guide, Livingston, Montana, Stephen Collector

    Dan Lahren with his Brittanys

    Livingston, MT

  • Terry McDonell, The Accidental Life, Irma, editor, portrait, Stephen Collector

    Terry McDonell

    Noted magazine editor and writer of two brilliant memoirs.

  • Leigh Collector, available light, portrait, 4x5 film, Stephen Collector

    Leigh Collector c.1980

    4x5 film, available light

  • Brad Wetzler, writer, editor, teacher

    Brad Wetzler, writer, editor, teacher

    Studio portrait

  • Chloe Jane Busick, portrait, studio portrait, color, Stephen Collector

    Chloe Jane Busick

    Studio Portrait

  • James Crumley, Jim Crumley, The Last Best Kiss, montana writer, novelist, Mystery Writer, James, Crumley

    James Crumley, Clark Fork River, 1989

    Novelist once described as a cross between Ramond Chandler and Hunter S. Thompson

  • Rudolfo Anaya, writer, New Mexico writer

    Rudolfo Anaya

    Southwest author and teacher photographed in his Albuquerque, NM home.

  • Tony Reyna

    Tony Reyna

    Taos Puelbo elder and Batan death march survivor.

  • Fiona with  apples

    Fiona with apples

    Fiona, at Stahl's Market, Paonia, CO

  • Will Rolle, Exuma, Bahamas

    Will Rolle, Exuma, Bahamas

    Image captured on film for Outdoor Life Magazine

  • Believe in me, film, actors, Bruce Dern, Jeffrey Donovan, New Mexico film, b&w, movie still

    Actors on set of film, 'Believe In Me', 2006

    Bruce Dern and Jeffrey Donovan in New Mexico

  • Don Miguel Ruiz, shaman, toltec, teacher, mystic,the four agreements

    Don Miguel Ruiz, shaman, toltec, teacher, mystic,the four agreements

    Best Selling author of the FOUR AGREEMENTS

  • Skip Collector

    Skip Collector

    Studio Portrait

  • Cheyenne Lewis

    Cheyenne Lewis

    studio portrait

  • Abe Garcia

    Abe Garcia

    Owner, Abe's Cantina, Arroyo Seco, NM. Frank Waters artist in residency

  • Indigenous Woman

    Indigenous Woman

    portrait taken in Raqchi, Peru

  • Indigenous Man

    Indigenous Man

    A portrait of a village elder in Raqchi, Peru

  • Jennette's Pier

    Jennette's Pier

    Surf Rescure lifeguard Emily Mathews gets ready to surf by Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NC

  • Bob Kisthart

    Bob Kisthart

    National Park Ranger at Bent's Fort National Park