• Sarah Ortegon

    Sarah Ortegon

    Cover image for Jim Fergus novel, Strongheart.

  • Cheyenne Lewis

    Cheyenne Lewis

    studio portrait

  • Russell Chatham

    Russell Chatham, Painter, writer

    film portrait captured in Point Reyes Station, CA

  • Katlin


    Studio portrait

  • Brad Wetzler, writer, editor, teacher

    Brad Wetzler, writer, editor, teacher

    Studio portrait

  • Anoush Anou

    Anoush Anou

    Studio portrait

  • Skip Collector

    Skip Collector

    Studio Portrait

  • Scott Edwards, MeSimple

    Scott Edwards, MeSimple

    Portrait captured in S.St. Vrain Canyon, CO

  • Fiona with  apples

    Fiona with apples

    Fiona, at Stahl's Market, Paonia, CO

  • Don Miguel Ruiz

    Don Miguel Ruiz

    Best Selling author of the FOUR AGREEMENTS

  • Pulitzer Prize winning author, Annie Proulx

    Pulitzer Prize winning author, Annie Proulx

    Photographed at her "Bird Cloud" ranch near Saratoga, WY

  • Don Miguel Ruiz

    Don Miguel Ruiz

    Best Selling author of the FOUR AGREEMENTS

  • Will Rolle, Exuma, Bahamas

    Will Rolle, Exuma, Bahamas

    Image captured on film for Outdoor Life Magazine

  • Jennette's Pier

    Jennette's Pier

    Surf Rescure lifeguard Emily Mathews gets ready to surf by Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, NC

  • Tony Reyna

    Tony Reyna

    Taos Puelbo elder and Batan death march survivor.

  • Chef Jim Pine

    Chef Jim Pine

    Probono work for the March of Dimes

  • Abe Garcia

    Abe Garcia

    Owner, Abe's Cantina, Arroyo Seco, NM. Frank Waters artist in residency

  • Her Holiness Sai Maa

    Her Holiness Sai Maa

    Studio portrait of noted Indian Guru.

  • Oil painter, Len Chmiel

    Oil painter, Len Chmiel

    Portrait catpured in Hotchkiss, Colorado

  • Jack Rourke

    Jack Rourke

    Book Cover, The Rational Psychic

  • Alexandra Ward

    Alexandra Ward

    Studio portrait

  • Indigenous Woman

    Indigenous Woman

    portrait taken in Raqchi, Peru

  • Indigenous Man

    Indigenous Man

    A portrait of a village elder in Raqchi, Peru

  • Author, Thomas McGuane

    Author, Thomas McGuane

    Photo for book jacket of novel, DRIVING ON THE RIM

  • Rudolfo Anaya

    Rudolfo Anaya

    Southwest author and teacher photographed in his Albuquerque, NM home.

  • Writer, Jim Fergus

    Writer, Jim Fergus

    Author's portrait captured in Rand, CO used for book jacket for the sequel to ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN

  • Allen Ginsberg, Poet

    Allen Ginsberg, Poet

    Portait taken on assignment for the Chicago Tribune

  • Solomon Yearby

    Solomon Yearby

    Studio Portrait

  • Bob Cooper, Miner

    Bob Cooper, Miner

    Hard Rock miner Bob Cooper photographed in mine shaft in Idaho Springs, CO

  • Bob Kisthart

    Bob Kisthart

    National Park Ranger at Bent's Fort National Park