My first feature in Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine was about fishing the Big Two-Hearted Laramie River, in southern Wyoming. That feature appeared in the Nov./Dec. 2013 issue. I was inspired to write this story by Ernest Hemingway. For some strange reason I felt 'Papa' would have loved this tea-colored river, that is under the radar as far as national destination trout rivers are concerned. My current feature...

Russ Chtham and Jim Harrison

I have a feature I penned and photographed that transpired over thirty years ago in Key West, FL. I was on an assignment with my collaborator pal, Jim Fergus who'd landed a feature assignment for Rolling Stone Magazine. It centered on the writers/artists, Tom McGuane, Jim Harrison, Russell Chatham, and Guy de la Valdene. I would have never imagined that 32 years later I'd be telling the tale from my humble perspective. Lots of...

Hemingway writing observatory

In 2013 I had my first magazine feature as a writer published in Southwest Fly Fishing. Its title was The Big-hearted Laramie River and to be truthful, it was inspired by researching the life of Ernest Hemingway. Since then I've been carving out more time and attention to the craft and to date, I've written over a dozen features covering fly fishing, bird hunting, and travel. My encounters have taken me from Cuba...